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Located at just 20 to 30 minutes north of Dallas, Plano is one of the most affluent cities of U.S. A mesmerizing mix of rural and urban culture; the city flaunts some major business headquarters. Despite this, it has a majority of historic buildings which date back as far as 1896s. It is also known for its space and serenity, and native people love getting here for a quiet weekend. This certainly does not imply that the city has nothing to offer. It has plenty to offer to people of just about every taste. Let’s discover this exciting city.

Plano overview

Plano is a wealthy suburb of Dallas where even the kids could be spotted driving a Mercedes. Most of the world’s renowned restaurants are located here. For any shopaholic, the range of luxury retail shopping available her will leave you extremely satisfied. Several Dallas Cowboys hail from here. Thus, you can easily spot a few jogging in the parks and gardens. From mouth-watering Texan smokehouses to BBQ joints to fascinating museums to walking trails, Plano has it all. Let’s look at few worthwhile places and activities to indulge in while you are in Plano.

Explore Historic Downtown Plano

This area of the city flaunts series of old buildings which were rebuilt around 1896 after a fire had ruined the entire area. A historical testimony, these buildings today flaunt diverse retail outlets, eateries offering most mouth-watering delicacies and entertaining and rocking entertainment venues which have converted many travelers into seasoned ones. One of its hallmark events is the monthly Courtyard Texas Music Series which happens regularly from March to November. It’s a destination that has it all.

Experience a unique adventure

Plano boasts of about 70 beautiful parks which flaunt nature preserves, golf courses, sports fields and trails of over 4,000 acres. You can easily indulge in various activities like picnicking, playing, nature viewing, swimming, biking, hiking, etc.  There are various other activities which are unique to these parks like the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course which gives you a Tarzan like experience.

The Heritage Farmstead Museum

An ancestral home of the Farrell clan, this is one of the most unique museums of Plano. It showcases the day to day detailed account of the lives of farmers of early 20th-century inhabitants. You can expect to come out as an expert on sheep and wheat farming in prairies of Texas in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The Shops at Legacy

Cited as the town’s center, The Shops at Legacy lends you a unique experience. Strolling through its tree-lined streets; you can enjoy its trendy boutiques, relaxing coffee houses, varied restaurants offering mouth-watering delicacies, numerous bars, trendy boutiques, entertainment houses and even movie venues. While walking, you also come across Baccuss Park which is an 1847 Texas historic landmark and home to Baccus Cemetery.

The city also flaunts the Angelika Film Center, a modern five-screen cinema, a state-of-the-art bowling alley-Pinstack and various other old and new tourist attractions. This small city always warrants a second visit.



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