McKinney, Texas – A Destination Unique by Nature

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One of the oldest thriving historic downtowns in Texas, Mckinney stands out as unique because of both its history and spectacular scenery. Having owned the honor of being the county seat for Collin County, the city was named in honor of pioneer and Texas Declaration of Independence signer Collin McKinney. With its population second to Plano, a visit here would make anyone realize why it was one once hailed as one of the best city to live in the U.S. Giving you a taste of both modern and historical, the charms and vibrancy of the city can be only experienced to understand. With just 30 minutes away from downtown Dallas, the city is easy to reach and enjoy. Let’s look at some of its major attractions.

Historic Downtown Mckinney

This place is a true destination to visit. Strolling through the square, you can enjoy its various shows, other entertainment shows and taste various new wines. The stop offers you eclectic shopping from numerous independent shops, boutique jewelry, art galleries, antique shops and even beauty and health spas. Kids can indulge in the game, ‘find the frogs’ while the adults can keep busy with geo-caching or participate in various treasure hunts, provided you have your Smartphone with you.

Quench your thirst for adult beverage

While Texas may lag behind California or Washington regarding wine production, some of the best varietals of alcohol can be found at Mckinney’s Lower 48. Located in the heart of downtown, you can step inside Landon Winery and taste some of the award-winning merlots and pinot grigios. Moving north of it, you can enjoy refined wines which have been aged in French Oak barrels. Move ahead and have a thrilling experience in the Mitas Hill Vineyard or Wales Manor Vineyard and Winery.

Chestnut Square Historic Park

Very close and south to McKinney’s downtown, lies the Chestnut Square which can transcend you back in the history of McKinney’s earliest days. While exploring its ten preserved buildings dating between 1854 and 1930, you can catch a glimpse of how the town communities worked at that time. It is further given life by the volunteers dressed up in historical costumes and demonstrating the skills of survival in 19th-century McKinney.

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

The museum restores your connection back to nature with various indoor and outdoor exhibits. On display are numerous natural history collections including mammal skins, minerals, sea-shells, and fossils. In the gardens, there are fragile indigenous eco-systems preserved so that you can taste Texas at its wildest. Bird gardens, butterfly gardens, snake exhibits, etc. are some other experiences to enjoy here.

Lewisville Lake

This water reservoir situated on the western fringes of McKinney provides terrific relief from the sweltering Texas summers. Its shoreline of 233 miles has many indented twists and turns and is popular for various activities like water-skiing, fishing, boating and swimming or simply lazing and picnicking. You can even rent a boat and party hard all night in the waters.


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